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Hey Prepper Nation, At long last, our book THE DOOM AND BLOOM(TM) SURVIVAL MEDICAL HANDBOOK has been printed and is available for purchase!… 7

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Armadillo Pot Pie?

Preparedness Warning: Armadillos and Leprosy Hey Preppers! You’ve heard me saying  “If you can’t beat em, eat em!”.  No, I wasn’t encouraging you… 0

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The 7 Deadly Sins

Preparedness and Dangerous Times Hey Prepper Nation, It’s time to talk about the 7 deadly sins, sins that will lead to damnation for… 5

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Medicine As Ministry, Not Industry

Medical Preparedness and the Community Hey Preppers, As an old “country” doctor (don’t mind that creaking noise, it’s just the rocking chair or… 2

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Treating Heat Stroke

So COOL! Environmental Causes of Illness: Heat Stroke Hey Prepper Nation, Many environmental causes of illness are preventable with some planning.  If you… 0

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You’ve got your preps, but do you have a plan?

The Preparedness Community and Planning for the Worst Hey Prepper Nation, Many folks in the preparedness community consider themselves fully ready to face… 2

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