“I have known and worked with the Joe and Amy Alton for over 10 years now. They have been an invaluable resource to my community at The Survival Podcast. I know of no other individuals who have done as much to educate the prepper community as to medical preparedness.”

Jack Spirko, Owner and Founder of The Survival Podcast

“You can’t purchase medical preparedness like you can buy other survival and preparedness gear.  Medical preparedness is 90% knowledge and know-how! That is why I always say, the first book any prepper should own is The Survival Medical Handbook by Dr. Joe and Amy Alton!”

Todd Sepulveda, Founder, PrepperWebsite.com, ThePrepperWebsitePodcast.com

“As a person responsible for many people. I keep my Survival Medicine Handbook nearby.  If you’re not a medical provider, this book will help you keep someone alive until help arrives. Kudos to Joe and Amy for their dedication to teaching austere medicine through their podcasts and publications.”

-Scott Hunt, Author, Engineer775 on YouTube, Owner of Practical Preppers

“I’ve relied on Joe and Amy Alton for timely and important medical articles for more than 20 years. They increase the magazine’s value, and they are a part of the reason we are not simply read and tossed, but read and kept in a drawer for later rereading.”

-Dave Duffy, Founder and Editor Emeritus, Backwoods Home Magazine

“Joe and Amy Alton have long been my preferred source for any information related to medical issues in austere settings. Their Survival Medicine Handbook (4th edition) should be in every prepper library. They cover a huge range of topics, with easy to follow and understand steps for diagnosis and treatment for when the professionals aren’t available. I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

-Jim Cobb, Editor-in-Chief, Prepper Survival Guide Magazine

“Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy have been on the forefront of preparedness and have established themselves as experts in the world of survival medicine. I appreciate the way they are able to take complex concepts and teach them in a way anyone can understand. I’ve owned every edition of their Survival Medicine Handbook and each edition I’ve marked and highlighted!”

Lisa Bedford, Founder, TheSurvivalMom.com

“If the situation calls for you to be the medic for family or friends, the best resource you could possibly have is right here in this book. Joe and Amy Alton have used their knowledge, experience and compassion to build a reference guide that exemplifies the standard of care we should all strive to provide if we find ourselves as first responders. I am confident in trusting Joe and Amy for all my medical preparations and information and proud to think of them as part of my family.”

-Charley Hogwood, Author, The Survival Group Handbook and The Bound to Survive series, Founder of ReadyGoPrep.com

“I have found Joe and Amy and their detailed Survival Medicine Handbook to be THE “GO TO” resource that I recommend to ALL our video students.  They are trailblazers in Survival Medicine Education world and I can’t think of anyone else I would recommend learning this valuable and lifesaving information from more than my colleagues and friends, Joe and Amy Alton.” 

-Karen Hood, Cofounder & Owner of Survival Quarterly

“Joe and Amy are among the biggest assets and contributors to the preparedness community and have been so for the past few decades.  The medical expertise they provide is a necessity to both a beginner prepper as well as those who have been prepping for years.”

-Forrest Garvin, CEO of Sun Oven & Founder of PrepperNet.Net

“In the day and age where medical specialists have more diagnostic technology, more education and testing than ever before… but seem confused and unable to pinpoint medical problems… Joe and Amy’s information gets to the root of your issue. Tried and true medical knowledge that you can read and understand.”

-Jack Lawson, Author, Civil Defense Manual

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