The 7 Deadly Sins

Preparedness and Dangerous Times

Hey Prepper Nation,

It’s time to talk about the 7 deadly sins, sins that will lead to damnation for those foolish enough to commit them in these dangerous times!

No, not wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony.  We should be so lucky as to be able to “glutton-ize” if a collapse ever occurs.  I’m talking about the 7 deadly sins of non-preparedness!   Yes, friends and neighbors, if you aren’t prepared, you get your own special set of sins that will guarantee you a place in your own special hell if a collapse ever occurs!

Sin#1:   The sin of inertia.  When it comes to preparedness, inertia is the act of being inactive when acting could save your life.  This sin is especially prevalent among 2 populations.   Ostriches and everyone else who has their head in the sand when it comes to the world around us.  Inertia sinners are sure that nothing ever changes, that the world keeps turning round, and that nothing new happens under the sun.  Well, sometimes the sun throws a solar flare at you.  If you don’t recognize that the world does change, and not always for the better, you have, indeed, committed a sin.  And about ostriches: If you’ve got your head in the sand, you’ll find that your rear end is usually exposed!
Sin#2:  The sin of obliviousness (obliviosity? obloviation?). Do you know anyone who won’t keep track of current events or check out the  local paper because there’s only bad news?  This person is the anti-prepper: He skims over the fact that gold and silver are hitting new highs, and doesn’t want to consider why that might be.   This person doesn’t notice that food prices are rising, that the summers might be getting hotter and the winters colder, that unemployment might be going up and that other countries are going bankrupt.  This person is perfectly able and willing to act, but for his own obscure reasons, doesn’t have the time nor energy to explore the dangerous path we’re on.
Sin#3:  False Pride!  This sinner is not oblivious, he’s perfectly aware that things are going south, but he believes with all his heart that he can handle any of the slings and arrows that a collapse will throw at him, and he can do it all by his lonesome self.  This fine fellow is convinced that he can grow his own food, provide his own shelter, keep watch 24/7, perform an appendectomy, and shoot a deer through the eyeball at 500 yards with a snub-nosed  revolver.   He doesn’t understand a basic concept of preparedness:  You have to be part of a survival community to do well in tough times.
No one can be an expert at every survival skill, and few can say that they are truly self-sufficient.  Some of us may be on a journey to self-sufficiency, but it’s a long and winding road that you shouldn’t travel alone.  There’s a group of like-minded people in every state that you can network with on the American Preppers Network.  Sure, you won’t mesh well with everyone there; look hard enough, though, and you’ll find others who are compatible with you.  It’s even likely that they’ll have a skill or two you don’t have!  Teaming up with them might just make your life easier.
Sin#4:  Believing in false idols.   I’m not talking about a statue of a greek god here.   The golden calves I’m talking about here are our own government, our banks and even our currency.  There are those who believe that the government will take care of us like some benevolent providence if a collapse comes.  But the facts state otherwise:
In surveys taken of police precincts in Philadelphia, Pa. and fire stations in Frederick, Md., the majority of personnel would not report for duty in a collapse situation.  Remember, these people have families too, and given the choice between their children and you, who do you think they’ll be standing guard over?   Same with nurses, EMT, doctors, all of them are putting their loved ones first (wouldn’t you?). Yet, the majority of the population is still expecting them to come to the rescue.
Blind belief in our banking system also applies here.  The money in your accounts might not be as easily accessible in the future as it is now.  Remember that a bank will close its doors in a  catastrophe rather than go under.  And is that paper money going to retain its value when we just keep printing wads of it, with nothing backing it up?

Preparedness and Expecting the Worst

Sin#5:  The sin of arrogance.  Some people believe that bad times are coming, but that they are so special that even God has made provision to get them out of trouble before a collapse occurs. I believe that God has plans for us, but I’m not so arrogant as to assume that he is going to get me out of a tight spot without my being prepared to look out for myself.  I’m not a biblical scholar, but I know that the chosen people were driven into slavery several times, perhaps as punishment for their sins.  So, if he will allow that, then why should we expect to be spared from tribulations just because we’re believers?
God gave us wisdom (apparently, some of us more than others) to see the clouds on the horizon.   He also gave us free will; that means that, if we see a flood coming, we can choose whether to build a boat or not.  Before you go around asking Him to let you win the lottery, make the decision to buy a ticket.   The rapture may not come when YOU feel  the time is right; it’s not in your hands.  Get your preps in order, and you’ll be ready for anything that divine providence has in store for you.
Sin#6:  Self-Loathing.  How many of us have family members who say, “If the you-know-what hits the fan, I don’t want to be alive, so why prepare?”.  This is suicide, plain and simple.  When the stock market crashed in 1929, a lot of people jumped out of skyscraper windows, so I believe that many will take the easy way out in a collapse. Even if they have such loathing for themselves that they don’t care if they continue to exist, these people have loved ones who want them to stay on earth. Jumping off a cliff when the going gets tough is just plain selfish.
In a society where we are spoiled rotten by modern conveniences, we’ll have a hard time adjusting to the reality of hard times, for sure. We’ve grown fat and lazy and apathetic,  but we owe it to ourselves and our families to make a go of it.
Sin#7:  Stupidity.  These sinners are innocent of sins 1 through 6. They’re aware of everything I’ve just told you about, but they still won’t get prepping.  This is the worst sin of all, because these people know what trouble we’re getting ourselves into. They see the storm in the distance, but they’re letting a smile be their umbrella.  This usually leads to a mouthful of rain.
Use the intelligence that the Lord gave you and you’ll find many reasons to start preparing.  Even if
things don’t get worse, you’ll have given yourself and your loved ones tangible insurance against whatever disaster might befall you.  Anything else would be Sin#7, and that would be a darn shame.
Dr. Bones

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