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Know Your Medical Strategies

Hey Prepper Nation,
Most medical guides are intended to aid you in managing emergency situations in austere and remote locations.  Certainly, modern medical care on an ocean voyage or wilderness hike is not readily available.  Even trips to populated areas of underdeveloped countries may fit this category as well.
There are medical strategies that are widely published for these scenarios, and they are both reasonable and effective.  An entire medical education system exists to deal with situations like this, and an industry of supplies and equipment has developed around it.

What’s Survival Medicine?

The basic premise of survival medicine is to evaluate the patient, stabilize him or her, and then transport said individual to the nearest modern hospital or clinic.  That only makes sense; you are not a physician and, somewhere, there are facilities that have a lot more technology than you have in your backpack.  Your priority is to get the patient out of immediate danger, ship them off, and continue on your wilderness adventure.  This may be difficult to do (indeed, very difficult), but you still have the luxury of being able to ”pass the buck” to those who have more knowledge, technology and supplies.
However, there may come a time when, due to a pandemic, civil unrest, or terrorist event may precipitate a situation where the miracle of modern medicine not only is unavailable, but the potential for access to modern facilities no longer exists.    We refer to this type of scenario as a “collapse”.  In a collapse, you will have more risk for illness and injury than on a hike in the woods, yet little or no hope of obtaining more advanced care than you, yourself, can provide.  It’s not a matter of a few days without modern technology, such as after a hurricane or tornado.  You have become the place where the “buck” stops for the foreseeable future.   Few are prepared to deal with this harsh reality.
When you are the end of the line with regards to the medical well-being of your family or group, there are certain adjustments that have to be made.  Medical supplies must be accumulated and expanded.  Medical knowledge must be obtained.  These medical supplies and knowledge must then be adjusted to fit the mindset that you must adopt in a collapse:  That you are the end of the line when it comes to healthcare for your survival community.
This is a huge responsibility and many will decide that they cannot bear the burden of being in charge of the medical care of others.  Some, however, will find the fortitude to grit and their teeth and wear the badge of collapse “medic”.  These individuals may have some medical experience, but most will simply be fathers and mothers, or sons and daughters, who see that SOMEONE must be ready to handle things when there are no doctors.   If this reality first becomes apparent when a loved one becomes ill, the likelihood that you will have the training and supplies needed to be an effective medic will be close to zero.  Therefore, the decision to take that responsibility must be considered now.
In a collapse, there will be a lot of hard decisions to be made.  Your options will be limited, and the more you allow your fate to be decided by others, the less likely you will survive.  Take control of your health now by obtaining knowledge and medical skills that will give you and your loved ones the best chance to succeed if everything else fails.
Dr. Bones

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