Tim French, Founder of A.N.T.S., on the Doom and Bloom Hour!


Hey Preppers,

Join us tonight for our long awaited interview with our friend Tim French, founder of Americans Networking To Survive.  A.N.T.S is a survival network of individual preppers called (ants) working together to provide other members basic supplies during disasters. This is done by relaying supply pods to any member that needs them. When disaster strikes, Wouldn’t it be nice to know neighbors were coming to your street with supplies for you and your family? A.N.T.S should be another piece of your preparation plan. You, too, could become an ant by going to https://www.americansnetworkingtosurvive.org/

Tim has put together an amazing nationwide network to connect Preppers to each other in times of trouble.  Tim has also been an emergency responder in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and has some cautionary tales for us to hear, and of hope for success in an uncertain future.

So, if you’re not attending some gala New Year’s bash being held in your honor, feel free to ring in the New Year by listening to the Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour at 9pm EST/8pm CST on the Preparedness Radio Network!  Happy New Year to all, and best wishes to all our friends for good health, stability, and success in 2012!

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

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