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    Hey Preppers,

    Dr. Bones has decided to scare you out of your wits by actually appearing in his latest YouTube video!  Dr. Bones, aka “The face made for radio”, talks about items useful for treating traumatic injuries by breaking out his own bag and going through the various components.  Even though we sell the kit, we list all the items in the Doom and Bloom Shop under “Trauma Module”  so that you can price these all out yourselves and put together your own bag that makes sense for your situation.  If you are concerned about civil unrest, the items in this bag are essential parts of your medical preparedness plan.


    Don’t be fooled into thinking that the amounts of items are too much for your particular needs.  You will most likely be taking care of more people that you originally thought, and even one significant hemorrhagic wound could take up the majority of your supply of dressings.  You can never have too many medical supplies; any extras (if there is such a thing) will be highly sought after barter items.  If you’ve got your beans and bullets together, it’s time to think about the bandages….

    Dr. Bones

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