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    General Preparedness and a Survival  Group
    Hey Prepper Nation,
    The very first way to help assure your medical well-being is very basic.  Don’t be a lone wolf!  The forlorn creature in the above photograph is a Tasmanian wolf.  Why did I choose this photo?  I chose it because the Tasmanian wolf is extinct, and, if you try to go it alone in a collapse situation, you will be too.
    The support of a survival group, even if it’s just your extended family, is essential if you are to have any hope of keeping it together when things fall apart.  Daily chores, growing and hunting food, keeping watch and all the other day-to-day activities that you will be required to perform are taxing.  Being the sole bearer of this burden will negatively impact your health and decrease your chances of long-term survival. 
    Forming a Survival Group Before a Collapse Situation
    Now is the time to communicate, network and put together a group of like-minded people.  The right number of able individuals to assemble will depend on your retreat and your resources.  Look for those with skills that you don’t possess, such as medical training, experience in homesteading, or animal husbandry.  Have regular meetings, decide on priorities and set things in motion!  Put together Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C and work together to make their implementation successful.  Preparedness means having a plan, doesn’t it?  Have several plans in place for different turns of events.
    The second way to assure your medical well-being is an essential part of being prepared, yet is rarely emphasized.  That is to optimize your health prior to any catastrophe occurring.  To do this, you must accomplish the following goals: Maintaining a normal weight for your height and age, eating a healthy diet, keeping fit, and managing chronic medical issues in a timely fashion.   If you don’t work to achieve these goals, all of your preparations will be useless.

    If you have bad habits, get rid of them!  If you damage your heart and lungs by smoking, for example, how will you be able to function in a situation where your fitness and stamina will be continually tested?  If you drink alcohol in excess, how can you expect anyone to trust your judgment in critical situations?  Same thing with recreational drugs.  I don’t expect you to be a saint (I’m not), but you won’t be able to ensure the well-being of your family or group if you’re not at maximum efficiency!

    In a collapse situation, you will be chopping wood, walking long distances to find food and protect your perimeter, and many other activities that will test you physically.  Be sure to start off reasonably fit and at an appropriate weight.  Make sure you get good nutrition and watch those calories.   Doctors say to eat well and exercise for a reason, you know!  This doesn’t mean that you have to run marathons.  Even just a daily walk around the block is going to help keep you active and mobile.

    These two basic strategies, that of community and preventive medicine, will take you a long way in your journey to preparedness.  They don’t cost anything to speak of, and will give you the best chance of success if everything else fails!

    Dr. Bones

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