VIDEO: A Kit to Manage Hemorrhage in Action

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cover celox with roller gauze

Would you be able to stop severe hemorrhage in the aftermath of a terror attack? In Amy Alton, ARNP, aka Nurse Amy’s latest video, she puts on a realistic demonstration of a first aid kit in action after a simulated active shooter event. Each item in the kit is demonstrated as if utilized by a civilian with no training. We believe a kit like this should be available in every workplace, mall, school, and, really, any place at risk for this type of event.


The items in the kit are meant to be easy to implement and effective in the management of bleeding. Each one is clearly numbered so that there is no confusion as to which item to use in what order. Also, instructions are available in two places: the outside of the package and in a water (blood) proof instruction sheet inside the package. Although first aid training is, of course, useful in any situation, every item is easily understood and used by the average citizen. This kit is one of the few on the market that contains Celox EMS, pads that contain a material that is specifically designed to help blood clot.


Our kit is compact, lightweight, and an effective tool to save a life while waiting for emergency medical personnel to arrive at the scene.


To watch, click below:



With this video, Doom and Bloom Medical passes 800 posts, podcasts, and videos on survival medicine and disaster/epidemic medical preparedness! Thanks to all our readers, listeners, and viewers for their support over the years.



Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,



Amy Alton, ARNP and Joe Alton, MD

Amy Alton Everglades Close up 400 x 600
Amy Alton, ARNP

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