Video: Asthma in Survival Settings, Part 2

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We usually write about Asthma in the Spring, when pollen counts are high but winter can be trouble as well, not so much outdoors, but with the accumulation of pet dander, smoke, dust, and molds indoors. People spending a lot of time inside to stay warm may notice issues during cold weather.

When people with asthma are exposed to a substance to which they are allergic, the airways become inflamed. The airways will swell, constrict, and fill with inflammatory mucus, causing less air to get to the lungs.  As such, they’ll develop shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, not to mention wheezing and coughing. In rare situations, the airways can become so constricted that a person could suffocate from lack of oxygen. 

In this video, Dr. Joe Alton discusses more about asthma symptoms and presents an audio of normal lungs vs lungs during an asthma attack. Notice the prolonged exhalation phases and the “musical” sounds produced by the constricted airways!

To watch, click below:

To see part 1, click here:

In part 3, we’ll talk about a number of time-honored natural remedies for asthma.

Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

Joe Alton MD

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