VIDEO: Creating An Epidemic Sick Room

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sick ward during the Spanish Flu
Sick ward in 1918-9 Spanish Flu epidemic

100 years, ago, the world was hit with a pandemic influenza known as the “Spanish Flu“. Since then, no one infectious disease outbreak has caused as many deaths. The wise family medic, however, is aware that the tendency of many viruses or bacteria to mutate may one day lead to the emergence of a new pandemic.

The U.S. is better prepared today than it was even as recently as 2014, when Ebola ravaged West Africa. 5 years ago, there were only 19 high-level isolation beds in the entire country. Now isolation units abound and changes in sanitation and hospital protocols make caring for the infected a safer proposition.

Still, in a true survival setting, isolation of those with contagious diseases will help save live. A sick room must be improvised to keep the healthy from the sick. This task must be accomplished in such a way that gives the ailing the best choice for recovery.

In this video, Joe Alton MD gives his thoughts on how to put together an effective sick room.

To watch, click below:

Of course, in  normal times, get those with suspected infectious diseases to modern medical help as soon as possible.

Wishing you the best of help in good times or bad,

Joe Alton MD

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