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    VIDEO: Getting Rid of Rodents in Good Times or Bad

    Every year, a percentage of our food supply is contaminated by the dropping and urine of rats and mice. It’s bad enough in normal times, but it can be a disaster off the grid. Rodents also carry diseases that can affect the health of your group members at a time when modern medicine may not be available. Therefore, it makes sense to eliminate your unwanted guests!

    In this video, which follows up on a previous video on rodent-proofing a home, Joe Alton MD tells you what to do if you already have an issue with rat and mice infestation. Various ways to tell that you’ve got visitors and methods to get rid of them are discussed in some detail.

    To watch, click below:

    Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

    Joe and Amy Alton

    Joe and Amy Alton

    Joe and Amy Alton

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