Video: SAM-XT Extremity Tourniquet Demo with Nurse Amy

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The SAM-XT Extremity Tourniquet

Hemorrhage control saves lives in military conflicts but also in civilian accidents or disasters. Rapid action by those at the scene (aided by supplies such as tourniquets) can give precious time for emergency personnel to arrive. In survival, the urgency to know the appropriate use of tourniquets and other bleeding control measures is even more important.

The Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care has added a number of new tourniquets to its approved list recently, all outlined in Joe Alton MD’s recent article and upcoming video on the subject. One of them is the SAM-XT extremity tourniquet, produced by the venerable Dr. Sam Scheinberg of SAM Medical.

Here’s Amy Alton ARNP, aka Nurse Amy, demonstrating the use of the SAM-XT on a dummy. A very, very old dummy. To watch, click below:

Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

Amy Alton ARNP

Nurse Amy
Amy Alton ARNP

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Video: New Tourniquets Approved By The TCCC
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