Video: SURVIVAL! Solo Play

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We’re excited about the recent arrival of our new board game “Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL!”, a great off-grid option to get the whole family around the table and make tough decisions about a real survival scenario. For the lone prepper, it’s a new way to get your gang into the survival mindset in a fun way (without cramming the subject down their throats!).


For those you that don’t know about the game, you’re the survivor of a pandemic who has to leave their hometown as it’s been taken over, not by zombies, but by people who want what you have (we call them Raiders). You have to go out into the world and collect resources like food, fuel, weapons, medical supplies, and other survivors.  You travel to towns that might be safe havens for your little group, all the time overcoming challenges that tempt you to use your hard-won resources. You’ll need to have a certain amount at the end of the game to land on your final destination and win. There’s strategy, skill, and luck, because all of these play a part in a true survival scenario.


For those who have asked for a solo version of the game, here’s a video that outlines a variant you can play alone.


To see the base game in action, check out this video by the board game channel “Box of Delights” with Ricky Royal:

For more info about Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL!, go to the game website at  Our introductory offer: Order the game and get a free Survival Medicine DVD from Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy!


Wishing you the best of health in good time or bad,

Joe and Amy Alton


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