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  • the SteriPen

    the SteriPen

    Learning how to make water safe to drink is important in any backcountry or disaster scenario. One method that is gaining popularity is using an ultraviolet light handheld water purifier. Outdoor activities, like hiking, can make having a portable water purifier a lifesaver. In this video hosted by Amy Alton, ARNP of https://www.doomandbloom.net/ , she demonstrates the item and its use in the backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

    How does it work? Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate bacteria and parasites by disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform the functions needed to survive.

    To watch, click below…

    Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

    Amy Alton MD

    Amy Alton

    Amy Alton

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    Award-Winning Survival Medicine Handbook (third edition)

    Award-Winning Survival Medicine Handbook (third edition)

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