Video: “Maxi-Pads” As Survival Bandage?

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A while ago I gave my opinion on the persistent notion that tampons, the feminine sanitary product, are an awesome addition to your medical kit. They aren’t.

What happens in a case of ballistic trauma? When soft tissue is struck by a projectile at high speed, it causes a channel to be formed through which the projectile travels. it actually causes two channels, called cavitations, one permanent caused by the actual path and a larger temporary one caused by the energy being released into the body. Vessels and organs affected by this secondary shock wave might not even be in the direct line of the permanent cavity, but they can be damaged and easily bleed. All this with an entry wound that might not even perfectly fit a tampon and penetration that might go  much deeper than what you can reach with a tampon.

But this video isn’t about tampons, it’s about another feminine sanitary product, the “maxipad”, also called a sanitary pad or sanitary napkin. Are maxipads useful as a survival improvisation?

To watch, click below:

Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

Joe Alton MD

Joe Alton MD

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