Water Poison : The Evils of Fluoride

Fluoride in Our Water

I usually write about prepping, gardening and SHTF medical topics, but I felt the need to alert people who are unaware of the dangers of fluoride water poisoning. Toxic exposure to fluoride can cause: Neurotoxicity of the brain, including lowered IQ, autism, passiveness and ADD; hypothyroidism; decreased bone density, including increased bone fractures, joint and bone pain, and arthritis; dermatitis, gastric distress, pulmonary disease; cancer; and even death. Are you scared yet? I know I am.

In the 1920’s and 30’s the explosive growth of the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries created a rise in the toxic by-products of both. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demanded companies install pollution-control devices to trap these by-products, which included fluoride as a major component. The first marketing strategy for selling fluoride was as a rat poison and insecticide, but they still had extra. The next “brilliant” idea was to dump the excess toxic waste into the public’s drinking water..”the solution for pollution is dilution.” Fantastic…let’s just give to the unsuspecting public and tell them it’s GRRREEEAAATTT.
I won’t get into all the people who worked together to con the American people, however I do want you to know one person’s name: Dr. Gerald Cox. Dr.Cox was neither a physician or a dentist, he worked at The Mellon Institute owned by ALCOA, Aluminum Company of America: the creators of the toxic by-product fluoride. The Mellon Institute did “research” on asbestos, yes they “proved it was safe” and now they claimed fluoride was great for your teeth. Pressured by extensive lobbying, the US public Health Service embraced using fluoride as a water additive, for our own good, naturally. Oh, and let’s not forget Monsanto PAID for research, in 1957, performed by a “researcher” to help protect Monsanto from lawsuits relating to fluoride toxicity. Them again..when will it end?
There has never been one good, sound study to prove internal dosing of fluoride helps our teeth. In fact, fluoride is a TOPICAL medicine used to help prevent tooth decay. Read your toothpaste label and you will find a poison warning. The tooth paste fluoride isn’t exactly the same fluoride poured into our water systems, thank goodness. The fluoride in your water is the stuff captured at the top of those monster-like smoke stacks pouring out clouds of toxic gases, how appetizing is that? It is never purified, but simply put onto trucks and hauled off to the water districts. Oh by the way, the Federal Government subsidizes the use of fluoride by the water districts, sometimes to the tune of $100,000, isn’t that special…

Flouride and Other Pollutants in Our Water

Want to know what else is in that “fluoride” toxic by-product dumped into our water?
This stuff in an undiluted (before it’s poured into your water) state will corrode glass, yes glass. Your skin will also absorb it, so every time you take a shower your exposure increases. It is so dangerous to infants that the American Dental Association has issued a warning that dry formula should not be mixed with fluoridated water. But 66% of America’s drinking water is fluoridated!
Fluoride is neither safe nor effective. Fluoride is a DRUG and should only be dispensed by a doctor after careful examination of the patient on an individual basis. NO other drug is poured into our water system for general consumption. The “safe” dosage cannot be monitored by your doctor, some get more, some get less. Did YOU SIGN an informed consent to be MEDICATED by your water district?? I want to remind you fluoride is a topical medication, and has NO internal or systemic benefits. It’s like swallowing suntan lotion, or applying your blood pressure medicine to your arm.
Most European countries, 98% to be exact, do not allow fluoridation. Studies have shown their children’s teeth are “just as healthy as children in the US.” A lowering of tooth decay rates was found to decrease evenly over the past 50 years in areas with and without fluoridation methods.
Fluorosis is a major problem in American children. It is characterized by brown stains, white spots or lines, and loose or missing enamel and brittle teeth. It is caused by fluoride toxicity, not a lack of fluoride. So how does this happen? Fluoride is present in our water, both tap and bottled, food, soups, drinks, pesticides, infant formulas and our toothpaste. We swallow it, brush with it and bathe with it. Fluorosis is caused by over exposure of fluoride at an early age. A rate of 32% of American children age 6-19 have dental fluorosis, and there is no cure.

There are safe alternatives to fluoridated water and commercial toothpastes. Reverse osmosis only removes 75% of the fluoride from your drinking water, but it’s better then doing nothing. Distilled water is 100% pure H20 with no impuritities and is the safest. A berkey water filter PF-2 will eliminate about 90% of the fluoide. A natural toothpaste can be simply baking soda! Dipping your toothbrush into hydrogen peroxide first then in the baking soda box with promote cleaner teeth and healthier gums. Both hydrogen peroxide and baking soda should be part of your long term storage items so if the SHTF you won’t have to worry about commercial toothpaste!!

Fluoride is not an essential nutrient for the human body. It is a drug to be carefully administered topically. It is a poison captured from fertilizer manufacturing plants, sold as a “tooth decay” prevention at a large profit from toxic waste surplus. Our government subsidizes and encourages the poisoning of our drinking water. We need to stop this atrocity with action. Call your Mayor and complain, do research and present the facts. It’s time to stop poisoning us and our children. Fluoride in our water is pollution.
Nurse Amy

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