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    The Preparedness Community and Planning for the Worst

    Hey Prepper Nation,

    Many folks in the preparedness community consider themselves fully ready to face a crisis because they have stored up food, medical supplies, guns and ammo, and other classic survival items.  Some of these same people, however, haven’t really thought about what they will do at the moment they realize a life-changing event has occurred. It’s great to have beans, bullets and band-aids, but you need to have a plan!  I’m talking about  a specific series of actions that you will take when the you-know-what hits the fan.
    Are you bugging-in or bugging out?  Are you shutting down and isolating yourself, or have you arranged for a group of like-minded people to congregate and get to work?  Have you figured out what exactly will be on the daily menu?  If (god forbid) you had to defend your retreat, does everyone know what their post will be and what weapons they will wield?  Where will the garden be, and who will be tending it?  Who is the medic?  These questions are good to ask now, before there is a collapse situation.

    Disaster Medicine and Natural Remedies

    As a prepper, you have an obligation to your family and yourself to have a plan of action to deal with medical issues if the you know what hits the fan.  If you have a medical condition, you should think about and have a strategy to deal with it if modern medical care is just plain not available.  And generally, It’s not just about having medical supplies  as part of your preps, it’s an actual plan on what to do if this or that medical issue happens.   Find out what natural product might have an effect similar to the medicine you take.  It’s easy to find: just google natural remedies for _____________.  It probably won’t have as strong an effect, but it might help some, and something is better than nothing.
    People often read about what to do if someone breaks a leg or has a gunshot wound In a collapse scenario, mainly  because it’s exciting.  Omigosh, what’s that, Lassie, Timmy’s been shot?  Break out the Israeli battle dressings!  It’s important to know that stuff, sure, but how about more mundane things that are just as or, probably, more likely, to happen?
    Could you deal with a broken tooth or a lost filling?  Are you prepared to deal with issues like  birth control or menstrual problems?  Have you thought about simple things that would prevent medical problems?  How about something as simple as having  high top shoes that fit comfortably, so you won’t get blisters or have protection against snake bites.  How about sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV damage, eye protection to prevent  scratches to your cornea, or worse.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to have a plan, and isn’t that what we preppers do?  Durn tootin it is!
    You have had the foresight to know that you should prepare for both good times and not-so-good times.  Use some of that foresight and intelligence to formulate plans of action.  It’ll be appreciated by everyone that you know exactly what to do in various situations.  Be prepared to succeed if everything else fails!  Then you are truly thinking about preparedness.  
    Dr. Bones

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